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Getting to clock out on time is rare for me also and I would love to go home after all I have not had lunch and my blood sugar is getting too low! The shift change is a BIG problem!They come in late most of them including the relief Supv. Then they have to eat and drink coffee.then the floor nurses say they need to asign CNAs and if the do not Cnas are just standing, talking, laughting,or fussing about the asignment.I have told the nurses to please let me give report and count.I am 11-7 Supv. Iwork three halls with 48 to 52 residents in LTC. I have one nurse on the fourth hall that works with me.Just us two at night.I have lately been upset over such ---that it has added to my stress.I have told the DON in Nursing meetings that this is a problem.Nothing changes until the State is in the building! Iread a thread the other day about shift report and I have started just handing over theSupv. keys and the written house report when she comes in late and says I am eating --I am not ready.I am working to unstress myself like my doctor told me! SO my reply to her is Here it is --I have not eaten either and Ihave to use the bathroom since Ihave not all night!-----BUBBLE


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WOW, this is awful.


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It seems times have changed, since I first became a nurse. Such "nonsense" I've seen just about everywhere. I remember having to be at the unit at 6:45am, and getting report. If you weren't, you were docked an hour. If you showed up after 7am, "oh, sorry, we didn't know if you were going to show up. We replaced you." A day's pay gone. Seems people come and go as they please...until a patient gets into serious trouble at 7:05am, and the lawyer wants to know why a tired nurse was in charge and not the morning nurse. Is self-discipline and professionalism a thing of the past? I've heard nurses commenting about how nice it is to be relieved by me. I'm there early. Maybe it's because I like being a professional nurse.


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I'm orienting to my unit and this is one of the things that bothers me. If I'm on time, I'm late. I come in 15 mins early each and every day just to get my head ready for the day. It would be nice to clock out on time ......


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It seems that some people have absolutely no respect for anyone else's time or needs. It's very unfortunate that your DON doesn't support you. Isn't there anyone else in your facility that shares your concern? Is there anyone above the DON in the chain of command that you can speak with? If I were you, I think I'd pursue the issue up the chain of command and if the situation doesn't change soon I'd start looking for another facility to work at that values your time and respects each other.


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For the most part report goes pretty well at our facility. We are suppose to be at work and on the clock at 15 till this usually works fairly well and most abide by it but there are a couple that do not show up until on the dot. This means I will not clock out until at leaste 15 after. It is kind of irritating and I think the docking an hr for not showing up at 15 till is a good idea. I think it is just common curtousy. One thing that does kind of bother me is when they come in early and want the keys so they can get all set up with there carts and things so I end up sitting there twitteling my thumbs waiting for them to be ready to take report. This is irritating but what is even more irritating is if something happens to one of the residents while I am waiting to give report guess who has to deal with it, Yep me. If it is a lengthy problem like having to change a tube or a seizure then they will just take there carts and go start on the floor and expect me to come to them to give them report. This is not only irritating but I think irresponsible and dangerous. I have said something to the effect hey ya wanna give me a hand it will go alot quicker their reply is generally I cant I havent had report yet. Ok now that is my point why are they going ahead and starting there job without report why the heck cant they help me they are after all on the clock. Ok so I just needed to vent I am done now. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.


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Thanks for the reply! I try very hard to be professional also but this sure has busted my bubble! ------Bubble.


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I am a CNA in LTC. We also have 4 halls. I often work 3rd to get extra hours. Where I work the Supv on each shift usually looks at the schedule for each day and plans on a piece of paper which CNA's will be on each hall for that shift. The nurse on that hall's name is also on the list.


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The nurse usually does this for a week and then keeps it in a folder and puts each days up before shift.

Also on third we often only have 2 nurses and each nurse takes 2 halls a piece or if we happen to have three nurses then each nurse takes a hall and then they split a hall.

As for the eatting part. Usually me and 1 or 2 other CNA's will go out and get something to eat (we have menus to all local restaurants). We take up money and list and go out and buy everyones food. We try to eat together but sometimes we can't. We plan to always go and get food and eat between 2 and 3 AM because for us this is the best time.

Hope this helps

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