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I am about to begin my last semester of FNP school and I'd like to make it as smooth as possible. Even at the end of the program, I am still trying to find ways to manage my time better. How do you guys manage your time for the patient logs that we have to input each week? We use Typhon and all of the patient logs for the week are due by Sunday evening. When do you do them? How many do you have to do each week? How can I speed up the process?

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I bring an iPad with me to clinicals and do my Typhon entries as I see my patients. I don't see my next patient until I'm done with my Typhon entry. We have multiple students at our site, so someone is always available to take the next patient. Works out well, since all of us use Typhon (even the PA students). One site I was at let me log in to Typhon using the laptop they gave me when I saw patients.

My first semester, I was logging them at the end of the day. But after being exhausted from a long clinical day, I found the Typhon entries were piling up. It's easy to get behind on Typhon if you don't stay on top of it.

I find just doing them as I go is best. You're there to have a complete experience with the patients you have seen. You don't win an award for seeing the most patients in a single day. Take your time, learn from what you're seeing, and get your details in Typhon that your school requires. I have to do a mini SOAP note on every patient I see. If I'm selecting one for a full episodic or a full comprehensive SOAP for an assignment, then I'm going to spend even more time being detailed in Typhon so I can complete my assignment later and not have to take home handwritten notes.