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  1. I am a pre-nursing student, trying to find my way to an OB floor as a L&D nurse and after several years of that on to a nurse midwifery degree.

    In Austin, TX - since I already have a undergrad degree (in basket-weaving) I have the option of doing a 2nd degree accelerated BSN, which is a distance learning program set up by Texas Tech. OR I can do the Alternate Entry MSN through the University of Texas and specialize as a Parent Child Nurse Clinician (1st year you get your RN, other 2 yrs get your MSN)

    I am at a crossroads because (oddly) the BSN has many more pre-reqs and requires a CNA certification, while the MSN program is much easier pre-req wise and requires different classes.

    I am leaning towards the MSN, because I could get out - work as an RN and then go back and get a post-masters certificate (or doctorate by then - who knows!) And because I excel in the classroom, and am not too sure how well I would do distance learning wise.

    So my question is - with a degree as a MSN Parent-Child Clinician, would I be hireable on the L&D floor? OR would I be over-qualified -or heck! Under-qualified???

    Its all so confounding. Can anyone shed some light on this for me???

    Thank you so very much! spin:

    Wendy - future Austin RN

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  3. by   fergus51
    If you get your RN lisence you will be hireable. An RN is an RN is an RN as far as most managers are concerned. I doubt anyone will think you are overqualified because you would still be lacking in real world L/D work experience. Good luck whatever you decide L/D is a great place to work most of the time