New RN-?'s for CNS OR CNL

  1. Ok, i'm a new grad and i just passed board about a month ago. I'm looking for schools to get into. I made my choice on between CNS or NP. I'm mostly going for CNS. Some questions i have:

    1. Whats a good completely online program to get into for CNS or CNL?
    2. What type of jobs are out there?
    3. Whats the salary range?
    4. What are the duties of the job?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Just from your first question - you are aware of the difference between CNS and CNL? Right?

    The difference between CNS and NP are getting more blurred by the day but they do have similar roles. The CNL is dissimilar.

    The rest of the questions:

    2. Varies with the region/state. I'm an adult/peds CNS who works in nephrology. In IL, CNS is an APN so I have the exact job that the FNPs and PAs that I work with do. This is not true in all states though.

    3. Again, salary varies greatly with the duties (APNs tend to get paid more in my experience because we can bill for our services and therefore bring in money to a practice).

    4. Varies with job title. I asssess/order tests, interpret test results and write scripts.
  4. by   dwagner100

    1. Whats a good completely online program to get into for CNS or CNL?

    I completing my Psychiatric/Mental Health CNS program at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego. It's not an online program but it certainly is worth looking in to. I competed my classroom work and clinical in about 28 months. My thesis will be done at the end of October/2011. (I'm just finishing my thesis as I type this)

    2. What type of jobs are out there?

    It depends on the CNS specialty you are looking for. For me, it was psychiatry and mental health. There are many jobs if you want to move from some of the larger metro areas to smaller cities and communities.

    3. Whats the salary range?

    Again, that depends on your specialty, location, and experience.

    4. What are the duties of the job?

    If you log onto the NACNS (National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists at they can answer most or if not all of your questions regarding duties of a clinical nurse specialist.

    Hope this helps and good luck finding a school that suits your learning needs.