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  1. hello, i am currently in a rn-bsn program and for one of my assignments i have to conduct two different interviews from either a nurse educator, nurse administrator, nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, nurse researcher, or staff nurse with a bsn, or msn. it's only 8 quick questions. i'd appreciate anyone's help with this. i do plan on interviewing one person from work, but thought i would try someone here as well. (since the two nurses have to be from two different specialties) thanks in advance
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I'm an adult and peds CNS - just post the questions and I'll be glad to help.
  4. by   N1colina
    Oh thank you so much! I'd really appreciate it! Here are all the questions:

    1. How would you describe your role in your current position and your educational preparation for this role?

    2. How would you explain the unique contributions you as a nurse bring to an interdisciplinary team?

    3. How would you describe the unique role of your specialty in promoting quality outcomes for patients?

    4. How has nursing research improved or changed a particular aspect of patient care in your specialty area?

    5. How do you facilitate patient-centered care in your practice?

    6. How is cost containment addressed in your specialty area?

    7. How has your specialty area addressed the needs of underserved patients and populations?

    8. How does information technology apply to your specialty area?
  5. by   traumaRUs
    1. I currently work for a large nephrology practice (17 MDs and 5 mid-levels). I do dialysis rounding in four dialysis units. I have an MSN in management and leadership and two post-MSN certificates: adult and peds CNS.

    2. I work in a predominantly outpt environment and interact with dieticians/social works and bio-med techs on a daily basis. I actually work off the medical model so though my background is nursing, my role is that of the provider who assesses, orders tests, re-evals and re-assesses the treatment plan.

    3. For many of my pts, I'm the only provider they see, so my role with them is mult-factorial: I provide the specialty care (nephrology) but also to some extent their primary care too.

    4. I don't really get into nursing research as part of my job although ANNA has some research on the use of mid-level providers in the dialysis population.

    5. The patients are the total focus of my care: making sure they have good outcomes. I also do a lot of end of life counselling.

    6. Well lets see - none of the computers worked at one of the units I went to today so that sure was cost containment! Lol - however, Medicare rules the dollars in my job so cost containment is sometimes brutal.

    7. The two main reasons patients are on dialysis are diabetes (Caucasions) and HTN (African-Americans) and the main issue is noncompliance for both populations.

    8. Everything is computer generated - all charting is on electronic medical records - yeah!

    Hope this helps.
  6. by   N1colina
    Yes, great! Thank you so much! I really appreciate your time and response

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