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  1. Hello everyone!

    I have a BSN assignment and I have to interview a Clinical Nurse Specialist. I was wondering if any CNS are willing to help me out and answer my questions. I would deeply appreciate it. These are the questions:

    Health & Clinical Informatics Interview Tool

    Purpose Statement for Tool: To collect information from at least three customers or stakeholders of a health and clinical informatics system to determine how they define the concept and what they think are the most important elements for building a good informatics system.

    Objectives for Interview:
    1.Find out how other professionals define health or clinical informatics.
    A.In your own words, how would you define health informatics or clinical informatics? Do you believe they are the same? Do they work together?
    B.What do health/clinical informatics mean to your profession? How have health/clinical informatics evolved within your field? What contributed to the evolution?

    2.Learn how professionals use health or clinical informatics.
    A.What health care informatics system is used at your healthcare facility? How is information technology and patient data used in your institution for ethical, effective clinical decision making?
    B.How has health/clinical informatics improved or changes a particular aspect of patient care in your institution?

    3.Learn about the problems in creating a good informatics system.
    A.Describe a previous situation in which you were responsible of implementing a good informatics system for major health care agency that affected patient care quality, workplace safety, healthcare reimbursement, or the scoop of nursing practice and the problems you faced trying to implement them.
    B.What are some effective ways of overcoming the problems you faced?
    C.What are the steps in selecting a system and implementing a plan?

    4.Learn what factors must be present for an informatics system to be most effective.
    A.In your experience, what is the key to developing an effective informatics system? How do you define effectiveness and how is it measured?
    B.Looking back on when you first began your career, how have you changed/strengthened your ability to use a informatics systems to be a more effective practitioner: (Development of computer skills? Critical thinking skills? Assessment and comparative analysis skills?)

    5.Learn how to measure the effectiveness of a health and clinical informatics system.
    A.Share an experience when you applied new technology/information in your job. How did it help your health care agency?
    B.What have you found to be the best way to monitor the performance of the work you have implemented? How is this done and who performs it? What happens to the results?

    6.Identify training needs to support an effective health or clinical informatics system.
    A.What previous training has made you successful in conducting a health/clinical informatics system?
    B.What skills, courses, experiences do you recommended for future health or clinical informatics to be proficient in before starting an into this career in nursing informatics?

    7.Learn what resources are needed to manage multiple problems at once.
    A.Once new technology is implemented in a health care agency, how do you manage all the problems different employees are having?
    B.Have you developed your own "treatment" plan for major problems within the informatics system? What is it?

    8.Identify who is needed to collaborate with while implementing a informatics system.
    A.Who is needed to implement a health or clinical information system?
    B.How do you utilize their expertise in your own work?

    9.Learn about the future implication of implementing health or clinical informatics.
    A.Where do you see health/clinical informatics in 10 years?
    B.In your opinion, what would be the most valuable thing brought to health or clinical informatics in the future?

    10.Learn how each patient will benefit from the use of a health or clinical informatics system.
    A.How will patient quality care be improved by the use of an informatics system?
    B.What changes will patients notice the most?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I'm an adult health and peds CNS but don't have a traditional CNS position.

    1 a health informatics is a way of disseminating health care info. Provides for continuity of care.
    B clinical informatics I view as more like electronic medical records. As to further answers, I'm not sure, sorry.

    2. A. I practice within several hospital systems and currently use acumen, ecube, epic, McKesson portal. None interact with the other so I can spend a lot of time trying to get an accurate picture of my pt.

    B. There are some frustrations because of the multiple systems used.

    3. - 10. Never been involved in this process

    You might get more answers by posting in the informatics forum. Are there really a lot of CNS's doing nformatics?
  4. by   raismail21
    Lol I guess so. Thank you for your response though !