CNS Programs on the West Coast?

  1. Hello, is anyone familiar with any reputable CNS programs on the West Coast? Are there any that allow students to complete clinicals in their home area? I am just beginning to investigate my options for working towards an advanced degree once I am more comfortable in my staff nurse role. At this point, I am interested in continuing to specialize in Med-Surg, and maybe into an area such as pain management or wound care. Any advice greatly appreciated
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  3. by   shopgurl
    I am entering CNS programs in California. There are 4 programs that I know of at the following schools:

    1) Calif State University Long Beach (the best nursing university here in Cali)
    2) Calif State University Fullerton (begins Fall 2007)
    3) Calif State University Dominguez Hills (begins Fall 2007)
    4) University of San Diego
  4. by   llg
    You also might want to look at programs that offer generic MSN's or offer MSN's in various specialty areas without officially calling them "CNS programs." I don't know how many of them are still around, but it used to be pretty common. There might be one that works for you -- and you might never find it because the degree does not specify the CNS role. The degree may simply be an MSN with a specialization in adult med/surg -- or something like that. Depending on your specific career goals, where you want to practice, etc., such a degree might work for you.
  5. by   sambagrrl
    the program I completed was from San Francisco State University, they were very supportive of allowing us to complete clinicals near to our homes (one even in sacramento!). Our program had CNS classes focused in acute care, critical care, perinatal, and pediatrics. The degree is MSN but the specialty is CNS, so I agree that's how you should search. At UCSF they have the same programs and many more - good luck!