Challenges in CNS role

  1. I am a nursing student who has a presentation on CNS as a role and in need of a currently practicing CNS (California preferably, but other states are welcome). I just need to know the following:

    1. What are the current challenges do you see for CNS role? Future?

    2. What made you decide to be a CNS despite other specialty roles that are available?

    3. On a day to day basis, what are the common nursing functions you do?

    4. Do you belong in any organizations specific to CNS role? (please specify)

    5. How much has the CNS role evolved from when it started to now?

    Thank you.


    p.s. if possible you can email me your answers with your name and title for reference on my presentation! Thank you!
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Llg and elkpark are two very active CNS posters. I'll post my answers but I don't work in the traditional CNS role.

    1. Challenges. I think the blurring of the lines between CNS and NP are goi got spell the end of the CNS. Also the introduction of the CNL MSN has impacted the CNS.

    2. Totallystupid reason for choosing it in my case. I was working in an ER of a large hospital and wanted an APN post MSN certificate and the affiliated college of nursing only offered the CNS. So I did an adult health CNS, took a job in an NP role, then went back and picked up a peds CNS too so I can see all ages.

    3. I live in a state where CNS is an APN so IEEE pts, order and interpret tests, treat with meds.

    4. No. I do belong to my states APN organization, the Emergency Nurses Assoc and the American Nephrology Nurses Assoc.

    5. Will defer this one.
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    Thank you very much.