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I'm currently a nursing student and will be graduating this December. During our last semester, we must experience what it's like to be a clinical nurse leader. Well, part of our assignment is that we must provide a "focused concept for the day" for our fellow student nurses. I'm having a hard time coming up with ideas, so I would greatly appreciate any helpful ideas from you guys..Thanks!

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I have no idea what that means. And I am also completely at sea when it comes to the CNL role... are these people who are in "leadership" positions without administrative or operational responsibilities? I've never encountered these 'unicorns' in real life, but is sounds an awful lot like a Charge Nurse. What am I missing?

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The seniors who come here for their final semesters are placed with nurse leaders of all levels: House Supervisor, Charge Nurse, Department Manager, etc. Even the CNO has taken a student now and then. If that is what you are talking about, then the concepts are things like "resilience of the nurse", "autonomy for the patient", "infection control compliance". There are plenty if you think about them. The idea is to get your preceptor to show you how these concepts are addressed in the real world.


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I had an assignment like this. I had to shadow a nurse leader for the day, then write a paper about it. I followed a DON at a LTC. I explained her leadership role and her various responsibilities. I focused on the leadership role in quality improvement. The day I shadowed, the DON had a meeting to review the mock survey results for their state inspection. The whole meeting was about quality improvement from there on. Hope this helps. Good luck!