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hi everyone. i am a nursing student who is new to this forum. i have just completed my sophomore year in a bsn program and will be starting my first med/surg and ob clinicals in august. it has been my long-term dream to work nicu or picu when i graduate.

i was wondering if anyone could offer any advice or insight (new grads or experienced nurses) on particulars that i should pay extra attention to during my clinicals over the next few years. i consider myself very organized studious in general, but am hoping for some pointers that may give me an edge on being better prepared to enter the nicu upon graduation.

thank you in advance for any replies and tips. :twocents:

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the best advice i can offer if you want to be a nicu nurse when you graduate, is to know your basics pretty well; such as vs for newborns, how to do a head to toe assessment, etc. the main disease processes that you need to know like the back of your hand are respiratory distress syndrome and sepsis. those are the 2 main dx that the majority of our admissions are first given. if you have a basic idea of what is going on with the baby with these dxs, then you are ahead of the game. everything else will come with time and experience. don't be afraid to ask questions and have confidence in your self. good luck in school and have fun!

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