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i am graduating soon with my adn and after being in a bad car accident, my professors are suggesting i work in a clinic for my health. does anyone work in a clinic? do they accept new grads? even if they don't, what are you day-day tasks that differ from working in a hospital?

i want to relocate to nm asap, but i am sure i will need to have some experience first. i have worked as an aide for 7 yrs, gpa 3.7 and chosen by my school &went to a 3rd world country to provide services/education. i do not know if any of this actually matters when being hired. i am in my mid-20's and i do not know much about the hiring process yet! i am also going to start my bsn within a year of graduating. just curious about what my options are at this point. any advice helpful.


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health clinics working environment are laid back you mostly sit all day through out your shift. you will be doing telephone triaging, refill rx, fill out medication prior authorization forms for pts and administer vaccines. assist md/np with stitching, wound dressing changes etc. there are no change of shift reporting. a lot of places require experience, but as long as you demonstrate that you are enthusiastic, you desire to learn and want to take on a challenge you will be fine. thats how i got a job at a clinic as a new rn grad. good luck!!


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That's great, thanks! Could you give me some examples of triaging? I am not familiar with that.


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I know that it involves taking phone calls to see if the patient needs to come in or not, but I'm not sure I would know what to say! I am not sure what things people are calling in for.