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Clinic nurse workflow

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My pediatric practice is in the process of changing our scheduling templet. Right now we see 5-6 pts an hour, every 10 min or so. We have nurses and MAs doing the same job except triage. We have a nurse or MA for each provider and a float nurse or MA that helps everyone. We are changing to a modified wave templet. 3 pts on the hr and 3 pts at the 1/2 hr. Instead of being each provider has their own nurse or MA, my understanding is we will have to move to the team approach to make this work. Can anyone tell me how the scheduling templet in your office is? How are your nurses and MAs assigned? Do you use a whole team model instead of individual provider nurse teams? I just need idea on how to change our nurse flow to help make things go smoothly. I can change our nurse model however I see fit that works best. I just need ideas on what process and how to transition. Thanks!

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Our provider templates (rather than templet) are just 3 patients per hour, in 20-minute slots. All the slots have the same time allotment, regardless of the type of visit. Which means that some appointments end up being 25 minutes, and others end up being 15 minutes. Each provider has their own MA who rooms, takes vitals, and turns over the rooms, as well as collecting urine, setting out whatever is needed such as culture tubes, etc. This is OB/gyn. I believe the peds template is 4 patients/hour, 15-minute slots.

At our clinic, the RN has her own patient load, with her own template, completely separate from the providers (and some visits are 1 hour, some are 30 minutes, and some are 15 minutes, depending on what the visit is).