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May I know if there are any hiring clinics this year? What are the requirements thank you!:)

I think The Medical City Clinics in Trinoma and Victory Mall are accepting applications. I think they only require CV just like in applying as a staff nurse in their hospital. Just have to leave it to the clinics, I believe.


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wow thank you for that info will try to past may CV there..

I forgot to tell you that I phoned them few days ago re that and the HR said that they are also for manpooling. I'll just send you the number of their HR for their clinics. You can leave the CV in clinic or give it directly to the HRD of TMC at their hospital because all applications sent in their clinics will also be forwarded in their HRD in their hospital in Pasig, that is what the HR Lady told me.


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how about hospitals have you tried to apply any like world citi medical center? do you know their requirements?

I have applied to numerous hospitals including World Citi but no one contacts me yet. It's been a month. I stopped applying to hospitals since last week. I'm thinking of trying my luck in company or clinic nursing now. It doesn't matter to me anymore if I practice my nursing bedside skills or not because I am not considering going abroad in the next few years... Maybe I'll consider it when I'm in my late 20's or early 30's.

Re hospital requirements, I always bring the photocopies and original documents of the usual requirements like:

2 pieces 2x2, 1x1 and Passport Standard-sized Picture with white background





Photocopy of PRC ID

Photocopy of PNA Card

Board Rating and Passing Cert.

Training Certs.

SSS Number

NBI, Police and Barangay Clearance


Birth Cert.

Cert. of Good Moral

Recommendation Letter from Dean or Employer

GWA with Ranking - I think only SLMC requires this


Marriage Cert. - LOL... I don't have this one.

I would like to suggest that you call them first before going to their hospital. Try to check out their websites and get the contact numbers their.

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Can you please share the details how to apply in TMC Trinoma? Thank you!