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Cleping out of pre reqs



Does anyone know if uta accepts clep? I am not a fan of any more pre reqs.

Yes. Google search UTA Clep policy you will find a course list that they accept, along w passing grades,etc and make sure you check with your advisor as well.

To be considered what courses should be taken at UTA vs. Jr. College? I know mostly all, but I was thinking English 1 and 2, Literature, & Technical writing at Jr. I'm confused with how to be considered per the school wanting 12 of 16 science hours and 30 plus prereqs. hours. Any advice is great advice. TIA!

I think it all depends on the course. I was offered to take the test to clip out of Bio since I'd already taken a Bio (just not the right one) and A & P I/II. So definitely check it out.

I would take whatever you can at a Jr College. It is much cheaper. With that said, those classes will take you a full semester, whereas through UTA AP program, they are generally 5, 8, or 12 weeks. I choses based on subject and wether in person would be best for me and time.

About the 12 of 16 science hours, it just means that before you can apply for the nursing program, you need to have completed 3 of the science classes (A&P I &II, Chemistry, Microbiology). The 30 prereq hours would be pretty much everything else. You can still need Pharmacology and Pathophysiology but I wouldn't leave much else since it would need to be done before entering the nursing program.

To be considered they want 12 of 16 science hours completed at UTA. likewise for the 30 plus at UTA. They have a knew grouping of entry things per advisor.