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Clayton students


I am currently in a patho class at Clayton. I don't want to mention any names on the web so if you have taken this class at Clayton and your instructor was a male, I would like to ask some questions. No need to pm just a response on this thread would be great. So anybody out there?


I took patho classes with a male. Ask away.

Would just like to get an idea of what his class is like. I have only been to two sessions so far and I have no idea which direction this class is going. His story, although entertaining, have nothing to do with what we are doing. I don't mind this being hard but I would like it to be fair. Can you give me some insight of if he actually does teach something, and if so it is something that will be going on the test? He said this one time.... "I'm not here to trick you in anyway, but there will be some tricky things on the test." I was then confused.


He does "prattle" on a bit and gives lots of useless notes (useless in the fact that they are not used for testing). I must admit the case studies that you will do actually help. He curves for grading purposes (yeah!). The tests were hard and written by someone else on information we did not really cover. If you stick with it and come to class and turn in all assignments, you won't fail.

My advice: Read the chapters on the info that you are covering in class to prepare for tests. Listen and take notes on his "preparation for tests". You will be fine.

See, another thing that doesn't add up is that he said that the nursing department comes to him for their test questions and he doesn't even create his own test? Craziness! As I said, I don't care if he is hard. Hard I can handle, but the uncertain of what we are going over is hard to do. I was really looking forward to this class and was excited to learn the material, but I'm a little disappointed with his teaching.

I'm not worried about failing. I just want to make a decent enough grade to be competitive for the nursing program. Are you in the program now or are you applying to Fall 2010? I have to get the TEAS behind me. I hate that test.

Sorry it's taken so long to reply. I am in the program now, this is my 1st semester. We are crazy busy. He is a bit of a disappointment. I got a Lippincott Nursing Patho book and made the cards he suggested (did some self teaching).

FYI - I used the online tutorial TEAS and it was a great help in the areas I felt weak in.


As someone in the program would you recommend this book? Since I have to self teach I have to think of something. And it would be a great refernece while in nursing school.

Yes the Patho book is pretty good.

enough said, I will get it

I was looking for a book to help me with Patho. Is this the book you all are talking about Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice Series: Pathophysiology? Did it help you a lot youneek28?