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Hello. I have been an LPN since 1993 and have a BA in Psych. I am wondering about any experiences of students enrolled now or planning to in the future regarding the transferability of science classes such as chemistry, A & P, etc. My classes are well over 5 years old. Are you finding that the program requires science classes current or within a certain time period? I have worked pediatrics for many years now as well as geriatrics and chemical dependency. I appreciate this website and I am reading every thread! I have appplied to ISU and sending my transcripts this week. Thanks in advance for your insight! Leslie

I too have a BS in Psychology. I just got accepted into ISU LPN-BSN program for fall 2012. My sciences were 5 years or older. The classes I believe will transfer. I should say as long as they had labs with them. I wish you well in your endeavor in going back to school. You will do great. Nov. is cut off for spring.

Do you have to have lpn for this? I have a ba in psychology. Just looking for some options. Thanks

They have an accellerated programs for those with BS/BA degree, but this particular program is for LPN's. The accelerated one is on campus, I believe. go to

Specializes in Pediatrics, chemical dependency & MH.

Thanks! I live in PA, and can't relocate! I appreciate your insight! Leslie

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