Classes for NICU Nurses

by healthxo33 healthxo33, BSN, RN Member

Specializes in NICU.

Hey everyone. I am a new NICU nurse. I want to reach out to you all to see what type of educational learning opportunities exist within this specialty area. I am looking for a curriculum (if this exists) where I can learn more about NICU care. In nursing school, we learn a lot about adults, but nothing really about the NICU. Based off my learning style, I would like to enroll in a certification program (instructor led possibly). I am not sure if anything like this exists.

I am interested in taking classes and being tested because this is how I learn best. I know NNP programs offer clinicals and theory based lectures in neonatal care, which is what I want. However, I am not looking to be a NNP now and it is too early. What I am trying to say is that I am looking for educational opportunities that mimic that of a school-based nursing education. However, I know that nothing like this really exists for a new NICU nurse who is looking to gain more in-depth knowledge in this specialty field.

Does the organization NANN offer courses? I am really interested in learning everything I can system by system (like we did for adults in nursing school). Again, I know this is probably unrealistic, but there is so much about NICU nursing that I do not know and I want to find ways to boost my knowledge.