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Class schedule reasonable? (Hawai'i Pre-Nursing Student)

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I'm starting college this Fall and I've finally submitted my class schedule request. My college offers students different ways to register for their classes, but a friend of mine (current nursing student) advised me to join a Learning Community Cluster. The schedule is set and the same 15 people take the same 6 classes together. She said it was really helpful and a great way to make new friends quickly. I was fine with taking my classes with the same people in all of them since it was just for Fall Semester. I was also looking at it as a great way to easily form a study group.

What worries me though, is if I can even handle the schedule. The cluster requires us to take a minimum of 15 credits which means I have to add another class since it was only 14 credits. (I have the photo attached) I added English 100 (3 credits) so now I am at 17 credits.


Just curious if any other Pre-Nursing students/past Pre-Nursing students took the same or similar course load.

Is the load reasonable? Will I be able to have room for a part-time job, volunteering, social life, etc.? Was this a smart decision? Should I pull my request and sign up for classes individually and lower my course load?

Thank you in advance for you responses! :)

Of course! I'm taking 17 credit hours + working part time + volunteering 4 hours per week. It is quite manageable if you are able to manage your time. But I don't recommend taking on too many extracurricular activities as you still want to make passing grades. I say find am extracurricular activity that doesn't take up too much time and work in the process.

I did it and have a 4.0.

It's totally manageable. I took 19 credits last semester (not including 2 3 hour labs.) You just need to manage your time well. I would recommend getting a good planner with lots of space, and to write out when your assignments and exams are the second you get them. Schedule day-by-day goals, and nothing is too "silly" to put in the planner! I used to put times I blocked off to hang out with friends to make sure it worked. You can do this!


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