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Any ideas on an interactive game for Senior High School students to play to explore the world of nursing?

one thing that popped in my mind when reading your post is to teach trust. After all, when frail,sick,elderly people are in your care they have to trust you and the MD's judgement....blindfold half and have the other half lead them around..use all senses..smell,touch,hearing...and to give them an idea of what is is like to say-- have cancer.(..we did this in school.)..have them write onto slips of paper all the roles they are..son,friend,daughter,sister,brother,niece,granddaughter,etc...then have them place all the roles out on the table in front of them...and go thru the disease process step by step( I am scared ..I am losing my hair..I am too weak to walk...etc) and at certain points have them look at thier papers and remove a role....this will help them see life priorities as well as see how a sick and dying person feels...and then talk to them about how caregivers and hospice nurses do all they can to help the pt. maintain those roles for as long as possible.hope this helps !!! and good luck!! ;)

The elderly will be the majority of patients now and in the future as the aging population continues to increase. In nursing school and part of increase awareness training for my CNA's, we role played. Some examples: take a diaper and put some chocolate pudding or something gooey on the inside. Have the student lay their elbow in it and maybe tape it around their arm. They cannot remove this until you say. Usually 15 minutes or so. This will give them an idea of what it feels like to soil themselves and not have anyone to clean them until the healthcare provider can do it. Gives them more of an understanding what it must feel like to wait on service and maybe they will be more aware of their own patients needs.

Another example: Put dry beans in your shoes and walk around for a while, this is what some elderly people's feet feel like. You may also want some of the students to role play the caregiver and tell the patient, they must walk or go to lunch (with the soiled diaper)....all the while the patient so trying to tell them they need cleaned or their feet hurt (in a quiet weak voice), but the nurse doesn't take the time to listen and continues to lead the activity for the patient....This one is good for listening skills. Another: Put a thin layer of vasoline on some plain glasses and have the students wear them. Feed someone with that person unable to move one of their arms (a stroke patient)........the list goes on.......good luck and have fun! :D


I did my community health rotation at a high school and we did a health for them. If this is a big project you could invite organizations. We had about 75 organizations. (local Er's form local hospitals, chiropractors, red cross, police dept, optometrist, hearing, planned parenthood (not the abortion side), a massage school, etc..etc.. Many nursing booths. They liked the Er pics the most. It was a great success.

You could coordinate it with the school nurse. would look good on a resume. If you coordinate people will come. 6 of us student nurses did everything.


They liked the cool

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