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Pinning is Aug. 4th..:heartbeat I work at clarian as a SNE, and was told that I more than likely won't get day shift as a new/graduate nurse?

I have worked over night before about 17 yrs ago and fell asleep everynight at the same time standing up in a factory.. I am scared to death to take a night job:yawn: I really like working for Clarian, I just don't want to be unsafe. I AM A EARLY RISER!!! and when the sun goes down my body and mind are gone.:uhoh3:

Just wanting some feed back.:idea: She did say a couple of May grads got days?!?!

Thanks for any input.

Tina, soon to be nurse

I know that for most new grads esp. now you take what you can get. Even before the "meltdown" it was kinda expected that a new grad might work nights. Days tend to be for those who have seniority. Maybe you'll get lucky and another day shift will open? Good luck! :yeah:


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I am a new RN grad this year and got a job at the local hospital on nights.

Let me tell you from my experience.........nights are great to learn as they are quieter ( usually) but they are a killer on the body.

If you want days, sttick to your game plan and only accept a day job. That may mean working in a LTC facility or even an ambulatory surgical center ( which are awesome) and you may have to wait a while before it cycles again. There will be new grads that quit. We have had several already because they just can't handle the night shift.

But IMO, nights are killers mentally and physically. I personally do not think it is safe for ME to be on nights as I also have brain freeze after 3am. I am going in tomorrow to speak to our UD about it but I doubt anything will be done to help acomodate me. Its torture trying to balance even your meds!!!

I also did nights about 17 years ago( as an LPN) and swore I would never do them again.........yet here I am..stuck on them. I am looking for a day job but so is everyone else and the competition is fierce.

Can you do two PT day jobs? Would that be an option perhaps??

Good luck!


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:up:WOW, thanks! That is soo me. I know I would be able to learn more on nights, no Drs. in the face yet etc...

I would take a job from 3p -3a even. I am so confused, because all of the hospitals I have looked at only have nights and LOTS of those even say Experience needed?!!?!:uhoh3: And I live in the BIG CITY !!

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