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clamp question...

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Hello! Im a newer OR nurse. a lot of my co-workers have a clamp like instrument that they use to open the little marcaine bottles. its not a hemastat, it looks kind of like a pair of pliers. for some reason no one knows where they got them from or how to get them. they just say they are "around". does anyone know what they are called or where I can get one? I've already cut my hand twice trying to use my bandage scissors. Thanks!

Are you just using regular metal bandage scissors? I have the heavy-duty ones with serrated edges and they work quite well opening bottles. You have to be very careful though that you aren't contaminated the edges. We also keep bottle openers in each room, very inexpensive. :wink2:

I am using the metal bandage scissors. maybe I'll go buy the heavier ones. is it the ones with the plastic handle? thanks again!


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We just use dull-tipped scissors... kept in anesthesia's cart. Some girls have their own bandage scissors, but most just use anesthesia's.


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There are pliars that are made just for this. Contact a sales rep with whatever company yiu use for marcaine, lidocaine , etc.............


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I bought a pair of cheap kockers at a pharmacy-type store and they work okay for me. Bandage scissors and me equals nicks and cuts. :-o

I have a pair of pliers that are used for opening local anesthetic bottles that I received from our On-Q rep.

They are like gold at our hospital so therefore I guard them with my life!

I have a bottle opener. The beer bottle type. It works perfectly and I get smiles from everyone who sees me use it. :wink2:


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Beer bottle opener? I love that idea! THANKS! I have got to try that one out!


I have a bottle opener. The beer bottle type. It works perfectly and I get smiles from everyone who sees me use it. :wink2:

Same here.

I've seen the openers made specifically for opening meds, and the nurses who have them always say "some rep" gave it to them, but I've never had the good fortune of being around when a rep was handing them out. I checked around several medical supply stores to see if I could buy one, but was never able to find one.

Yup...they're much more effective and easier to use thatn scissors, kochers, clamps or bottle openers (they actually preserve the sterility of the rim) but I've only found them from rep. Do you have a rep for pain pumps? That would be the human to talk to.


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I have never seen the fancy openers. Kochers have been cumbersome and the bottle opener idea has been a godsend. Besides, if the rim sterility were being compromised then why don't all hospitals provide these fancy openers to all of us nurses? :eek:

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