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Ive accepted a travel position at CJW for $25/hr nights. Is this pay in range and how is the hospital CJW?

Thanks SO much!!


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I don't know about the hospital myself, but I was told by one of the nurses at my job that it was a great place to work. He was asking why I didn't apply there. As for pay range, VCU starts new grads with ADN's off at about 19.40, not sure how much for BSN, so I'm guessing the pay is in range. Sorry I can't give more info. Good Luck!


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Hello, I was reading your reply to "intothemon" and I am glad to be able to sw a nurse here in CentVA. I am currently a student @JTyler CC and should be finishing up me pre-req x spring 09 and apply'g for nursing school. I know that I am facing alot of hurdles one especially my age. I'm 50y/o.

My question to you is. Do you see new nurses my age being hired and what is the ratio.? It makes me nervous to think that after I go to school and take on this new debt that I may not even be able to get a job because of my age. I have been wanting this opportunity for awhile and waited until kids grew up.

If you could give me some insight I would appreciate it greatly.

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Just curious, what is a travel position? Does this mean you will travel between floors at the hospital, or travel between hospitals?

Thanks! And congratulations, we're doing our clinicals at CJW, impressed with the hospital so far!

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