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I started my journey to become a Nurse at Hostos CC in 2017 and was ready to apply to the nursing program when people (I let them) filled my head with comments that I "should look for a better program" so with my 3.7 GPA I transferred to BMCC, wrong! That school was not for me. My GPA was down to 3.2 and graduated with a health science associates with a sad overall of 2.96. Welp, it happens...

Well, now I am looking to apply to City Tech and my pre-reqs grades are as follows:

English Composition I/ A-

English Comp. II/ A

Anatomy and Physiology I/ B

Anatomy and Physiology II/ B+

Introduction to Psych/ B+

Child Psychology/ B

Missing pre-reqs: Quantitative math or trigonometry hoping to take it fall 2020 and get an A+.

If I get an A on that missing math my GPA would be about 3.47

So...what do y'all think? Is my pre req GPA good enough? Or should I give up? Orrr what should I do?

Help! I know that if I had a 3.6 - 3.7 I would definitely get in but with a 3.4 not so sure.

Thank you!

OMG sorry I meant for Spring 2021

so for city tech, they only look at eng comp 1 or eng comp 2, anatomy 1 or Anatomy 2, intro to psych or child psych, and math. but you can only chose to replace one class.
I think you should be good, GPA wise. If you use your Eng Comp 1, Anatomy and Physiology II, Intro to psych grades and get an A in math, your GPA should be around 3.59. Even though each year the cutoff varies, the cutoff is usually around 3.4-3.5.
One tip, try to get a high grade on your TEAS exam because when they get towards the 3.5 GPAs, they really start to look at the TEAS score and pick those who got a high score on their TEAS. Get a good grade on your TEAS and with your 3.59 GPA, you should be fine.
I hope this all makes sense. LOL

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Hey guys quick question does the school look at your overall GPA or preq

5 minutes ago, Tanisha95 said:

Hey guys quick question does the school look at your overall GPA or preq

Pre-reqs only