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City Tech Nursing Transfer

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Hello everyone, 

I am a current freshman at Hunter College (1st semester) and I am planning to transfer into City Tech for the Fall 2019 semester for nursing. I've already taken classes at Hunter and some of them will count towards the AAS but I think most will count towards the BS (statistics and pathways...etc). Since I am transferring, my GPA get reset. I was wondering, will I have to retake these classes? Does City Tech need a letter grade for them (I do have letter grade for the classes but I've heard that only the credit gets transferred)? I also took CHEM 100 at Hunter and I am hoping that it will transfer into CHEM 1110 (if not I will probably have to take CHEM 102 at Hunter next semester). If anyone transferred from Hunter into City Tech, can you please share your experience and offer some advice? Did all your credits transfer over or accepted instead of elective credit? Did your CHEM credit transfer? Any help an advice would be appreciated! Thank you! 

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