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CHS nurses

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Our hospital is relativley new to the CHS family (the health system based in Tennassee). Would like your input as to the corporate managment style. We here in Oklahoma have seen lots of customer service emphasis such as

1.Studer: hourly rounds, Pillars, AIDET, etc. 2. Budget, "bring it in at budget in 90 days or you are fired". 3. higher pt ratios. Do find that such threats and pressure are inconsistant with good customer service! Any thoughts?


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i left a hospital that was being transitioned from non-profit to CHS (for profit)..of course during the transition people complained and said they were unfairly firing people etc...but i honestly don't believe it. the only reason i left was because my husband at the time changed jobs in another state. i still keep tabs on some of my former co-workers and they are still there, happy, and CHS has done lots to update the hospital. They recognize the employees more too. I would go back there in a heartbeat if i needed to go back to that state and town. Sorry i am not much help as i was only there for a couple of months before moving. But like i said it seems it was a good thing.

We are new to the CHS system too.

I'm not real sure what I think of it yet. I'm new to the hospital (almost a year) and that is about the same length of time CHS has been here. We have been seeing lots of changes and talk in the last month and a half since the new CEO arrived. If you want more specifics I'm happy to take this to PM.

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