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I have worked 20 Christmases in my 30 year career,mostly 3-11. This was the third time I went in for my shift in a snowstorm and I am kicking myself in the behind for doing it. The 11-7 shift called in, storm had stopped by then but they chose to stay home warm and cozy with their families. Those of us who risked life and limb to get in at the height of the storm with no plows in sight were not rewarded for doing so. The hospital entrance and parking lots were not cleared when we arrived. When we finally were able to leave our cars were buried and there was no one to help us out.

No administrator was anywhere to be found, they still do not understand why we get upset. Two med surg units were left with 1 RN, 1 Lpn and 1 attendant for 30 patients, the nurses work 12 hour shifts, so were ending up working 24 hours, something is wrong here. Years ago they used to send out vans to help nurses get in. Why couldn't managers and clinicians come help out? We felt abandoned and used. Who wouldn't like Christmas off??? Another reason to add to the list of why there is a nursing shortage.

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That is one reason I do not like 12s. If you are frozen it is scarey to care for clients that long. I could not do it anymore.

I agree you were not appreciated for your work.


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