should i chose nursing???

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Hi i have a couple of questions.

Right now i'm attending Morraine Valley Communit College and i'm doing my prereqs for being a (my first choice) radiologic technologist or respiratory therapist. Pretty much my mind was set for those programs but recently i started thinking about nursing because i'm affraid there isn't many jobs for radiologic tech or respiratory tech. I do care about people, the only one thing about nursing that scares me is the changing poops etc. Also i thing that probobly is easier to get to nursing program then to the other two because nursing admission is twice a year and the other only once. Now i have a real dilema what i should do. Any advice thanks


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Something you must decide for yourself on, however, I must say a nurse that is also a RT or radiologist would be pretty awesome!


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Poop goes along with the job. You have to make the decision for yourself, but I can tell you since I graduated from MVCC's nursing program (or any nursing program in general) that if your heart isn't in it, you will probably drop the program.


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If you are scared of poop. I think you should just run the other way. Tons of things that are way worse than that within nursing. But on the other hand there are nurse jobs where you never see poop.

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Poop is usually cleaned up by the assistants, however, nurses are still required to help clean up the patient and not depend solely on the cna. You're more likely to deal with blood and puke.It also depends on where you work. If your motivation for going into nursing is solely because you think there are more job opportunities, then don't go for it. It is very difficult to find a nursing job and if your heart isn't in it you will either quit the program or fail out of it.

And also, xray techs do deal with poop. They give the barium enema. RTs deal with sputum and all sort of mouth secretions. There isn't a "clean" healthcare job

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Poop happens! There are various nursing fields where you may not be in the line of fire, but you will indeed see/smell poop while in nursing school at the very least.

You can get over your poop phobia but it is up to you. Do some soul searching and see if you can do some job shadowing in the health care fields that interest you.

As far as CNA's doing the most of poop cleaning that is not a sure thing. Like I said above poop happens and if my CNA is busy with another patient you can bet your bedpans that I will gladly take care of my patient's code brown without hesitating.