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Hi! I had a pre-recorded video interview with CHOP for a new grad position at the beginning of June and am currently in the New RN Talent Pool. I just wanted to see if anyone else is also waiting this long for the second interview, as I am not really sure what to expect for the timeline.

And I also wanted to ask anyone who has already moved onto the second interview for any advice for the interview? I've been wanting to start my nursing career at CHOP for so long and want to do everything to prepare for the opportunity! Thanks!

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Congrats on landing an interview!

Yes, I have advice for your interview! There are several questions you can pretty much expect. Here's an example:

Tell us about yourself*

Variation of interview question: What would you like us to know about you?*What qualities do you bring to the table?*What do you believe are the top three qualities a nurse should possess?*Tell us what your current/former boss would say about you.*Working in the ED is stressful, what do you do for fun?

What the intervieweris looking for:*A good fit with the requisite skills and attributes. *Are you able to answer the question concisely?

How to answer:Be articulate, purposeful, and concise by being prepared. Be ready with three qualities about yourself you want to convey. Direct quotes work well. "Jim, my former boss, says I'm reliable and his top*performer". Do not ramble, and do rehearse this answer thoroughly.

Be sparse with personal detail, focus on attributes and skills you bring to the team. You can use the Present/Past/Future Model answer technique to this question. "Currently I'm graduating at the top of my class (present). Last summer, I worked as a nursing assistant and I loved the hands-on aspect of helping patients (past). My dream is to work in a patient-centered hospital such as here at Happy Hospital and become the the best nurse I can be (future)".

Other questions to expect are:

What's Your Greatest Weakness?

Why Should We Hire You?

Tell Us About a time You Had a Conflict at Work (or some version thereof)

Why Do You Want to Be a Nurse?

Tell Us About a Time You Went Above and Beyond With a Patient

I go over all of these with different versions, questions and answers, and more in my book (below), written for the new graduate. There's also a formula for answering clinical scenario questions- and some specific answers the interviewers are listening to hear.

It's really important to be prepared because the candidate who stands out from the others...will land the job. Best wishes!


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Hi! I did the same thing as you and got accepted into the RN talent pool in May, but just heard back for a second interiview that is this week! I've heard it can be a very lengthy process!


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Thank you so much for your advice! This is going to be so helpful for me. Thank you!


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Hi! I did the same thing as you and got accepted into the RN talent pool in May, but just heard back for a second interiview that is this week! I've heard it can be a very lengthy process!

Wow, that's a good news! Congrats!! Hope you did well. I still didn't hear back from them yet, hopefully I'll get the second interview soon. Can I ask what the second interview was like? What should I expect?


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Can I ask when you applied?


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Can I ask when you applied?

Think I applied in the beginning of June and they got back to me within a week, if I'm remembering correctly.


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Hey guys! Can anyone tell me how fast they heard back from the second interview? I was just placed into the Residency talent pool and was wondering what to expect!


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Hi all! I just found out tonight that I've made it into the second round of interviews for the residency program. I completed my video interview earlier today. I was just wondering if you were all hired, and if so, how long the process took and what I should expect from this point forward. I'm interested in working in the cardiac center! Thanks :)