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Choosing specialties when applying to BSN/MSN dual degree programs

amyf89 amyf89 (New) New

I hope someone can help me with this.

I'm graduating soon with a BA degree and am having a hard time deciding between accelerated BSN programs and combined BSN/MSN programs (or Direct Entry, or Master's Entry). I know that some bsn/msn programs, like UCSF's or UPenn's, require you to choose your master's specialty when applying to the program. But this is hard when I haven't had any clinical exposure to all the different specialties that nursing offers. I'm leaning towards Neonatal, but I'm not 100% sure.

I've heard that many bsn/msn programs don't require you to choose a specialty until later, is this true? What are some schools that offer this? I've also heard of some ABSN programs that offer you the opportunity to continue in their MSN program, contingent on whether or not you pass all your ABSN classes successfully. What kind of schools offer this option?

If all bsn/msn programs made you choose your specialty upon applying, then I would most definitely choose the ABSN route, since this would give me more exposure into the field of nursing which would allow me to choose my specialty confidently. But I know that I want to become an advanced nurse, so the bsn/msn program appeals to me more. I just need to know if there are bsn/msn programs that don't make you choose your specialty when you apply, but lets you choose later on after some clinical hours. Thanks in advance!

I know both Johns Hopkins and Vanderbilt allow you choose your specialty after you are in the program and Johns Hopkins allows you to delay entry into the MSN portion. I would talk to the schools you are interested in and your concerns.