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Choosing a path for nursing once in a non-nursing major

by Arianna Arianna (New) New

Hey everyone,

I am a second year at UCSD . I started as a human bio not looking into nursing until I decided on it but did my research on entry MSN programs and since many did not require Ochem or Physics I switched out into Human Development and Global Health minor in order to have space to do the prerequisites for the grad programs. At the time is what the university advised but ucsd has few to none knowledge on nursing paths so it was the best choice with the knowledge I had as I was struggling in the classes and wanted to give my best shot to grad school by switching majors. Now I have seen that due to expenses and me not looking for an NP career path, a ABSN OR BSN would be better. However, these do require biochem or even Ochem sometimes and I’m not sure what to do.
1. if I apply to transfer This year I would be starting at a nursing BSN program having finished three years at UCSD . Con: not sure if it’s worth switching right before I finish Since I might not have the prerequisites done in time anyway

2. drop out and finish all my prerequisites But the same drawback as last time that I would’ve had one year left

3. Finish school then do a second bachelor

con: might only be able to apply to MSN programs Bc of my major since I can’t do Ochem and biochem anymore . also some schools have limit on units and level of grade that students can apply such as juniors only

I feel like I could take classes at CC instead of university due to the prerequisites but I would also want to gain experience rather than take classes year round but it may be might only option.

gap year could be an option but I'm not sure if it’s worth it

Finish your current degree. Scope out where you want to do your accelerated de-MSN and find out what kind of flexibility you have with prerequisites. Some places are very liberal and will accept clep, straighterline, coopersmith, ace credit, etc. also, portage learning, if they accept it, is an ra alternative that is cheap. Knock out your prerequisites in the Summer via portage or testing out. Put some money aside for it from a student loan. After you graduate, do a demsn so you can get graduate student loans. Sure it’s expensive, but it’s a quick path forward with a degree to fall back on, the prerequisites are generally a little easier on these private programs, entrance can be less competitive because of cost, and they get you working quicker.

also, the demsn path gets you closer to the NP goal. More $$$. How much do you lose in yearly np salary by taking the potentially longer path of BSN, MSN, np?

those are things to consider.

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