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Choosing an Operating Room Specialty

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5 hours ago, Divine-LPN,BSN said:

I could work alongside cardiologists performing heart surgery if I became certified as a Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist

RCIS work in cath lab with interventional cardiologists, not in surgery with cardiac surgeons. It also has its own allied health program. To become certified without attending an accredited program specific to the role, you must work for a full year in a cath lab and complete 600 cases. 

Transplant coordinators are also typically employed by the organ procurement organization and the role in the OR is more administrative (making phone calls to place the organs, working with transportation, and coordinating logistics) than actually being a participant in the surgery. In facilities that have transplant centers that do transplants and not just procurement, they may have a supervisor of the transplant team that may be referred to as a coordinator, but the role will require OR experience and is usually filled by an RN as they supervise team members who may be RNs and STs. 

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