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I am a senior nursing student set to graduate in May 2008. My concern is that I still have no earthly idea of what I want to precept in or work in after graduation. How did you all decide? Nothing seems to be sparking my interest except oncology and working at a major cancer treatment center and from what I understand must places will not hire new grads for oncology.Do I just automatically start in med-surg since I have no clue? Please help!

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Hi there! I've heard that those who don't know exactly what unit they want to work in would be better off starting in Med-Surg...hopefully after working there, an interest of something will spark ; )

I do have a classmate precepting on the Onc unit and have heard from quite a few nurses to think twice about working with chemo pts (administering chemo, etc) because it is believed that even being around chemo and pts with chemo can cause fertility problems. Don't want to scare you off, but if you haven't had children yet and want to in the future maybe another unit may suit you better until then...much luck to you!!

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Personally, I knew going into nursing school that what I want is to be a midwife, but a lot of students in my class didn't/don't know where they want to end up. That's okay. If you are interested in oncology, first of all I bow to you because I couldn't do it and am SO thrilled that there are people like you who can meet that need. Second, I would check around with the different hospitals in your area about their policies as far as where new grads can go. If they are chronically understaffed in oncology, you may just get that job. I know my instructor when I did an oncology rotation was hired to the floor straight out of school. If not, is there a general medical unit you could go to for about six months? Is there a residency program of any kind near you that would allow you to try out different areas before committing to a certain unit or floor? Is there any chance of an internship or externship on an oncology unit?


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Good luck...I graduate in December and am having a hard time even finding a job. I am pretty dissapointed...what's all this talk about a shortage? I don't buy it. :uhoh3:

p.s. I commend you for choosing oncology. My son has Leukemia and I was so impressed with his nurses! They were the best of the best. I have never met a more compassionate, caring group of nurses....I can't say enough about them. It inspired me tremendously...good luck in your pursuits.

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