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It's almost that time in my nursing school program: I have to pick what I want to do for my senior year clinical immersion rotation. I'm in a 4 year BSN program, and have all the standard clinical rotations. I have loved all of them, so I'm having a hard time trying to pick what I want my immersion to be in. I have an opportunity to have a rotation in an operating room setting, and I am wondering if this is a wise idea. It would be a great experience I might not get again, but I could be missing out on other aspects of nursing care by doing a rotation as a circulating nurse. Would it be a better idea to pick an immersion that is more generalizable with a variety of patients such as med-surg, cardiac, etc? Has anybody else encountered this problem?

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I would suggest picking the area that you would get the most experience and best learning opportunities. Also, look at where you want to go after graduation. I was able to pick the OR too, but I decided against it because the OR nurse's role didn't seem to give enough experience to learn what I needed for graduating, boards, and being a new grad. It also depends on if you want to work in an OR after graduation. If so, then it would be great for you. I would suggest a med/surg unit or a small ICU where you can get a bit of everything.

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