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how do you choose your specific area to work in?

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I am thinking about becoming a nurse, I would like to work in Women's Health, Labor and Delivery or Nursery Nurse. I think I am going to try for my ADN but do you then have to become certified in your area of choice before getting a job or do you just go and apply where you would want to work like the hospital?

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If you want to become a nurse, then go ahead. Put it into an action....

Nursing Program could be very competitive. You do not need to be certified in order to work in your area of choice. Once you have your RN license, apply for a job in the hospital, and tell the Nurse Recruiter that you want to work in the L&D. If they have a position, and you are what they are looking for, then they will call you up. But you got a long way to go before you get there.

Good luck!!!

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