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CHLA not letting nurses wear masks

by LaRN323 LaRN323 (New) New Nurse

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles l is not letting nurses wear masks at all time. Only if the patient is covid-19 positive or on isolation for another reason. Staff were positive for covid-19 and worked. Other nurses on our floor now have symptoms! This is how it will keep spreading. Nurses encounter patients and then it’s too late once you find out a patient or staff member has it. We’re then exposing our families! CHLA doesn’t care. Other Los Angeles area hospitals are letting nurses wear masks.


Specializes in Cardiothoracic. Has 26 years experience.

I believe we should all be wearing Procedure masks while working in the ER, Critical Care and COVID units. My hospital won’t allow them either. I understand PPE is in short supply but if you take out all the healthcare workers that won’t solve the problem either!

I think the word is out now that PPE is needed and -there is enough federal private sector resources that will bolster the supply chain. We should be allowed to use the current supply now and quit saving it.

My hospital was boasting on facebook that “we have masks” yet won’t let the critical care units use them except in the patient rooms.