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Chinese nurse is looking for a job

by yuxiang yuxiang (New) New

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Hello Everyone,

I am a nurse,and I am from China,and I have been working as a nurse for about 5 years ,And I have the nursing license.I studied nursing diploma in the nursing school for about four years.My total education is thirteen years.

I would like to find a nursing job outside of China ,and I am interested in working in some western countries ,like Canada ,Australia ,NewZealand , Germany,and Europe ,Etc.I would like to know more details about how to apply for a nursing job in another country,and how to get a work permit ,what kind of qualifications I need to get a nursing job in Europe.

I am also interested in immigrating to some western countries,and to get a work permit.What is my chance in getting a nursing job there, Am I qualified?

Which are the countries in demand for overseas nurses,Which are the countries experiencing the shortage of nurses and recruiting nurses from other countries, and Which are the countries easy to immigrate.?

I am studying IELTS for the past few years,and I think my English is very good.Is any types of jobs there, where one can apply for a work permit without passing the IELTS exam. I would like to know the details about work visa and immigration to that country, can anyone help me and tell me all the details about nursing jobs?

I am mainly looking for nursing jobs,but I am also interested in other type of jobs also,including home nursing,.midwifery,nursing assistant,nanny,etc,and other types of work also I am willing to do.

Can anyone there help me give the details about the jobs,visa and immigration ?



Silverdragon102, BSN

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The first thing you need to do is decide which country you want to move to. Each country has its own requirements both for nursing and immigration and most countries will require some form of language exam is the language is not the same as your first language for example you will need to do an English exam for England Canada Australia New Zealand and America if English is not your first language.

There is no real shortage of nurses in most countries these days. This may take you several years to succeed but if you are determined to do so you will succeed.

I suggest you read the advice on immigration forum as well as the nurse registration forum as there is plenty of information there is in regards immigration and nurse registration for a variety of countries.