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child medical emergency consent cards now available, gannon says

rep. tom gannon (r-delaware) is offering complimentary wallet-sized medical consent cards courtesy of the pennsylvania medical society. by simply completing and signing these cards, parents can readily provide their child's vital health data and authorize a caregiver to make medical decisions in their absence.

as more and more moms and dads work outside the home, responsibilities increasingly fall on the shoulders of grandma, grandpa and other adult care providers. unfortunately, if an accident occurs and medical treatment is needed, these individuals may not be able to answer specific questions about a child's health.

easily carried and accessed by caregivers, the 2-inch by 3.5-inch card allows for easy listing of emergency contacts and a child's most important health care information including allergies, medications, blood type, and other medical conditions.

also available from the medical society are medical history wallet cards for patients to record prescription drugs, surgeries, allergies, and other medical conditions for review with doctors a patient might be visiting for the first time.

to obtain a free medical consent wallet card, contact gannon's district office at 219 morton avenue in folsom or call (610) 461-5543.

rep. thomas gannon

161st district

pennsylvania house of representatives

(610) 461-5543

(717) 783-6430

contact your local pa legislator for this card. karen

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