Chicago new grad seeking 1st RN job

Nurses Job Hunt


I graduated nursing school a month ago in Arkansas w my RN diploma and relocated to Chicago four days after graduation with my boyfriend who is doing his medical residency at Cook County. I am taking NCLEX here (in Chicago) next Tuesday and praying for IL licensure after I pass (fingers crossed).

I know the market for new grads in Chicago is VERY competitive and I want to be as flexible as possible to get hired so I can begin this awesome career and get some experience under my belt. I have looked into a few major hospitals and also a few smaller ones for open positions and applied for a handful (plan to do MANY more starting next week!).

Wondered if any seasoned RNs have advice for me in general re: this process and if anyone can tell me what salary I should expect to aim to make (I'm sure its different from state to state/hospital to hospital).

Thank you SO much for your time.

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