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chicago area direct entry msn programs


Hi, I'm wondering if anyone is a current student or graduate of the following chicago area direct entry MSN programs.

Elmhurst College

Marquette University (new Pleasant Prairie, WI)

Rush University.

I would like to discuss the varying programs from a current or former student What did you like, what did you not like? Was it a good learning environment or 100% competitive stress?


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For what it's worth, the schools you cite have long established reputable standing in the academic community.

Your competive stress comment is telling as in "I don't like it."

All I can say is that about 35 or more years ago there was a movement in mostly schools of medicine and nursing too, to encourage students to work together as colleagues with the goal of "can't we just get along at least for the patient's sake." Sort of like the non-compete clause in business.

But as you know humans being what they are have a tendency to be or not to be "warm and fuzzy."

So once again it comes down to the individual students to play well together despite the endless time and money spent blabbing about it in "peace and love 101."

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Thanks Buyer Beware. I really just meant is one program more cut throat than the other. I can appreciate that the dynamics of any cohort is a luck of the draw to a degree. Thanks.