Chemistry 1406

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Any advice on taking Chem 1406 in summer? ** I'm not very good in math so I'm concerned!


Is Chem 1406 similar to Concepts of Chemistry? Or are you talking about Organic Chemistry? I haven't taken Organic Chemistry yet, but Concepts of Chemistry is just about all math. You need to know algebra in order to do the stoichiometry problems. You also learn how to decipher the periodic table, build compounds, break them down, but the end result of all this is stoichiometry. I guess it all depends on your comfort level. I, personally, would take a harder course by itself, but I'm sure there are others who would disagree because summer courses are accelerated. I'm not sure if this helped you, but good luck!

not sure if this is similar but I'm taking Chem 1410 and that's introductory chemistry. it's a summer course (12 weeks) it's quite a bit of information but it's pretty basic and just the unit conversions are kind of tricky! hope this helps :)

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