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Chemistry Clep- University of Maryland

Hey all!

Ok, so I've been so torn for so long on whether I should attempt to CLEP Chemistry for my last prereq for UMSON. I took Intro to Chem and Nutrition over this Summer semester and just wanted Gen Chem to go away. I studied for a few weeks in-between classes and all this week since my semester ended. I took the CLEP today and passed. I can't believe it. I've heard the pass rate is super low, so that part was really getting into my head.

I guess I have a question here, and I will call the school too, but I shouldn't be worried about the school not taking it as credit, right? I applied to 3 schools, and two of the schools only required an Intro Chem course, but one of them required an upper-level. So, since it was just for one school, I CLEPed out of it. Now, I'm second-guessing if the school can come back with a decision that it isn't good enough or something. I want to drop the Chem course for a refund before it starts next week. I did call and ask a few weeks ago what score they accepted for a "pass." They said the national pass score, so I'm hoping I'm ok. The passing score according to ACE is a 50, and I scored a 50. SO CLOSE. It makes me nervous being right on the line there. Anyhow, does anyone else have experience with UMSON and CLEPed courses?

Also, no one really understands how crazy excited I am that I just saved $1,200 for that class. I know it can probably be appreciated here!

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I hate to break it to you, but you should indeed be worried about them not taking it. Chemistry is a lab science- and if they require it with lab, well......

It does say on their website that they accept CLEP and AP scores of 4 or 5, but there isn't an accepted CLEP score listed. I guess I'm hoping they accept the national pass rate of 50. I called this morning and will be waiting anxiously for a call back.

Thanks for your response. It's good to be prepared either way.

Oh, and also... I would think the Lab component was super important too, but on the prerequisite course list, it says 3 credits of Gen Chem. That course is 4 credits because 1 credit is counted for the lab. I'm just hanging onto hope here, I guess.

UPDATE: I'm posting this in case anyone else searches this board for info (like I did!). The Chemistry CLEP I took is officially accepted for the Gen Chem credit. The CLEP counts as 6 credits and a full year of General Chemistry. They take the national pass rate, which is a "50" or higher. I'm so happy. Now, all I need is Stats, which starts next week. I know there's plenty of time before acceptances start going out, but I'm so anxious and excited to hear anything back!


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