Chemistry with AP2? or NO? help

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chemistry is a pre-req for me to get on the nursing list. like a dummy i tried to take it over the summer as a 5 week class. i ended up dropping it the 3rd week, and plan to retake it next semester.

but am afraid because i have AP1 this semester, and if i should take AP2 next semester, with chemistry or just chemistry and wait longer for AP2. aghh!

i dont want to wait any longer to get on nursing waiting list though.

I am taking AP1 and Chemistry this semester. I know it's early but so far it hasn't been a problem, and I think it will continue to be manageable as long as I stay focused.

I am taking the following this fall:

-Organic & Biological Chemistry



-Nursing Course (1st one)

..... Should you? Only you know if you should or shouldn't. I took A&P I and Statistics over the summer at the same time (both 5 weeks long.) It was intense but I managed to get A's in both classes. If you are really dedicated to doing well, you will. If you think you can't handle it, you can always drop it like you did over the summer.

I took chemistry and A&P 2 together and had no problem. But only you know what you can handle and what you can't.

If you have to have Chemistry to even apply for the nursing program, like I do, take Chemistry by itself if you feel you will have a struggle. Because if you do bad that will throw off your application time. I am taking A&P 1 and Chemistry this semester and it seems very reasonable. Do well in A&P1 and A&P2 will be a breeze because it mainly goes in depth of all of the systems.


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