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I am enrolling in CTC fall quarter this year but I have to take some prereqs before I can start the ADN program, Can anyone advise on the Prereqs for the nursing program as it related to classes, instructors. Have anyone heard anything about getting special financial aid for GA's nursing shortage?


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Hey, Lynetta,I was enrolled at Chattahoochee up until last quarter and was a nursing-ADN interest. The classes needed are:

....Not sure about what the exact class names are now; but this should give you a good idea.

English Comp I

English Comp II

College Algebra



Intro to Computers

Psy I

Developmental Psy

Anat 1

Anat 2


:redbeathe Chatt Tech is a great school, I had a good experience.....but I am not sure if their ADN program will start in Jan. There is speculation that it might not. :confused: You might want to apply to more than one place, so that you leave your options open. I applied for Chatt Tech's program and GHC and am glad that I did, b/c Chatt's program isn't starting in August. It might not start in Jan either. I got accepted into Ga highlands and am super excited because I need to start making $ and every month I wait is a month longer that I shouldn't. Good luck w/ everything!


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Thanks for the information. Have you heard anything about GPC Nursing program?


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I went to Chatt Tech a few years ago (was thinking of getting my LPN, but we moved away). I only went for 2 semesters, but I can't say a single bad thing about the school. All of my teachers were very helpful... in fact, all of the staff was very helpful, from financial aid to the library. I don't recall ever coming across a rude person (that wasn't a student anyway, lol). Good luck! You'll really enjoy it there.


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I am interested in going for ADN at CTC. But I would love to know if anyone has graduated and taking their boards. I need to know how well the prepare you for the RN boards..

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