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Does anyone have an organizational chart to keep patient information organized thru the day. I feel as though I never get enough done but I am always running around. Any suggestions on time management. thanks

What do you mean? Do you mean a nurse's personal graphic organizer to keep track of her nursing care for the shift? We call that our "brains" where I work. We even have some copies for the unit on file (blank ones). Many nurses even carry their own design of "nurse brains." I'd just ask around and get some samples of what your peers are using. The one I use now is an adapted form of one I borrowed off a nurse a few years ago. I have seen several others since, but I really like the one I have. Mine includes an hour by hour timeline, which I write in meds, treatments and "things to do" for each hour, each patient. I used little shorthand notes & stuff I picked up from other nurses. I have vitals on there, abnormal labs, misc. notes. It keeps me really organized, and I can instantly see what I need to work on next. I just keep it in my pocket and pull it out whenever I need reference. It goes directly into the shred box at the end of the shift, after I'm done with charting, of course (HIPPA).

I'm not sure if that's what you were asking, though. :confused:

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