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My name is Anthony Stock. I currently live in Abilene, TX, and will be getting married in June, and moving to Charlotte, NC (hopefully). My fiancée has two great job offers that include teaching art to inner city kids, and being a nanny for her uncle/aunt. They are one of a kind of jobs that she can't get anywhere else.

I have applied at Presbyterian for the GN internship. It was already filled up. I have also always applied at the Carolinas Healthcare System. I am open to working anywhere. I have a back ground in Cardio and Psychiatric as aides/nursing student wise. I am also calling Nursing homes for any opening they have. I have called the HR at the Carolians healthcare system and they are in the "we are assessing our needs for GN right now".

Has anyone heard about the hiring of GN for the Carolinas Healthcare system? Also any other ideas for places to apply (i have even look for prisons, Special ed, etc)?

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Explore the areas around Charlotte as well. Most people don't actually live *in* Charlotte b/c of the cost of living, but live in the area surrounding it.

A lot of the hospitals are owned by the main hospitals, but I think there are a few that aren't. I don't think Gaston Memorial is. We've lost some good nurses to that hospital b/c they pay better!

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