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Howdy all!

So I've been a nurse for just over 2 years; all of which have been on a telemetry/sort of cardiac step down unit. My ratios are generally 5 to 1, but I've had to do my share of craziness. Like precept a new nurse 2 weeks into training with a streched team of 6 and be charge when I'd never been charge before AND the only other two nurses on the floor were travelers. (Nothing against travelers, I love them, but because they travel they have lots of questions about how to do things on my floor because they are only there 13ish weeks. Not their fault but crazy to deal with in that sort of situation.)

Anyway, my first year of nursing I wanted to quit every day. I hated it. I used all my call-offs, I cried, I made my self sick just thinking about work. I got pretty depressed about it because I really do like people and I don't think the care of people is what makes me hate nursing so much. Now things are better, but I've had to totally change my attitude about what I do. I know what I do makes a difference, but not how I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to have the time to educate people, I wanted to be the kind of care giver who didn't find it an incovience that my patient has to pee when I walk in the room, not the kind that puts the paper work first because I don't want to be leaving work 2 hours post end of shift. Nursing as it is today does not allow for this really...especially floor nursing. (If you are one of those people that has something in them that compels you to argue with this statement and feel like telling me 'You should never put your paper work before your patient' please save your breath. I'm not talking about emergent situations, I'm talking about basic care and answering call lights.)

My other issue with nursing is that it is really rough on my body. I'm very good about using ergonomics and such at work, but at 29 I'm having to look at getting one of my knees scraped surgically because it's popping and making funny noises and just hurts when I walk for more than 20 minutes. This is only after 2 years folks! That's crazy!

Thus I've come to the conclusion that my profession is not worth my home life nor my health. I'm going to try travel nursing for a couple of years (mostly because my dad lives in a different state and needs some help) but I really don't see myself doing floor nursing for more that 2-4 more years. Any suggestions on what other kinds of nursing a telemetry/cardiac nurse would be well suited for? I'm single now, but I'm hoping my near future leads to children at least....I'd like the husband aspect of that too, but there aren't that many responsible laid back males left single at this point in my life. :p So any body that has suggestions that work well with family life and children would be great.


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Public Health? (Are you a BSN?) Better hours, time to give education, and time for husband/family. I know this isnt exactly cardiac related, but it's something to consider.

What about cardiac cath? You could look into specialized training for putting in Picc lines etc...

Home care will allow you to:

1. do lots of teaching

2. put your patient as a priority with paperwork secondary

3. take care of yourself

Home Health? It would be flexible for family life, and not so hard on your body.

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In-service director, wound care specialist, or if you really like organizational / management type things go to the (usually) three day training session and take the state board to be a Skilled Nursing Facility Administrator (usually about $80,000 per year starting salary for 102 bed facility) or an Assisted Living Facility Administrator (less acuity for residents but pay is also less). Difficult part is that you are on call 24/7 as head of the building but they usually call only if it is an emergency.

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Thanks for all the suggestions!

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