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Hi! I need some advice on what to do. I'm a new grad and I've been working for almost 2 months. I recently got an offer for the hospital I originally was supposed to work at (long story), and so I accepted it due to it being better for my work/life balance and being way closer to home. When I interviewed, the nurse manager asked what I've been up to and I didn't mention this hospital I started working at (should I have?) and so she doesn't know I have 2 months experience in this unit. And what's even crazier, is that someone on this unit I'm at now, is literally going to the SAME HOSPITAL and is probably going to be in my orientation group. I'm afraid she will mention that we worked together and it will change the way my new NM looks at me. IDK am I overthinking? Should I have mentioned this short term job during my interview?

It's always good to be open & honest because of things like this. I do not like to have anything over my head,  atleast if you originally told the truth you wouldn't feel as if the new NM will feel any different If said person tells her anything other than what you have told her. Good luck with your new job

Speaking of openness and honesty when applying for jobs, I'd like to add a question of my own to this thread, maybe there will be insight for OP. New grad here with 3 months of adult ICU experience, supportive co-workers, but we're OVER-staffed which means I only got 40 hours of RN duty in the last two weeks, well below what I was hired for. Had to use PTO in an unsustainable fashion to make up for lost hours, not to mention losing out on opportunities to grow and hone my brand-new nursing practice. I happen to know that the problem does not go away at this hospital even with increased seniority.

Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely grateful to be working in ICU straight out of school especially during an impacted job market for new grads.  But I've always wanted pediatrics and an application is opening soon for a new grad program at a magnet university hospital with a PICU. On paper I am eligible.

Do I go for it, and if my resumed is selected for interview, what's my story? My nursing mentors have never heard of units being over-staffed, and aside from knowing that my passion lies in PICU, I'm trying to determine how valid of a reason being constantly called off of work is to seek a whole new job before the 2-year mark. I should be getting the hours I was hired for, not only to practice nursing during this time of 90-degree-steep learning curves, but also financially it feels very not cool. Here is a slim but not impossible chance that I could do an early pivot to my dream job in pediatric intensive care. Not only would there be tricky conversations with my current job and during the [hypothetical] interview, but it would be something to explain to my references as well. Any ideas/feedback welcome 🙂 

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