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The friendships I made during nursing school became very special to me (and I thought to them as well) we studied together, cried together, had fun together, did every thing together. But then, I got a job. I was the first one in my class to get a job and the job that I got is a pretty notable one. I had to move shortly after graduation and really went through grief about leaving. Now, I can barely get a returned phone call from them. It makes me so sad. I've tried to reach out to them and all of the phone calls are either not returned or cut very short. Am I alone in this? Anyone else experience this or something similar?:cry:


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I experienced the same thing. Since we lived in a rural community (where our school was) and we only had 30 people in our class, a group of us spent almost every waking moment together. We did all our school stuff together and spent a lot of time outside of school blowing off steam. I even wanted one of them to be a bridesmaid at my wedding. Turns out, less than 6 months after graduating, we barely speak to each other. The girl that I wanted to be my bridesmaid didn't return my call until I was more than halfway through my planning. So you are definitely not alone! There is a silver lining though, one of my close friends from school decided to move across the state and take a position of my floor. So there can be some good down the road and, you make new friends at your job! Good luck


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First of all Congratulations on the job! I think to a large degree this is normal. I was also in a small class by the time second yr started we only had 15 students so we were fairly close. Our class was somewhat split in age and lifestyles so we naturally split in who studied together etc. I was in a group of 7 people who met to study atleast 4 times a wk. We worked on projects together, had our clinicals together, participated in our nursing club activities together, everything. We graduated May '08 and I have only spoken to one person since. The rest went on with their lives. I think they stay in touch with each other but I never hear from them. I only felt like "true friends" with one of them anyway way and we had stayed in touch for a while but I haven't spoken to her in 2 months. I think nursing school is very stressful and when you are going through it you are looking for a life line. Our classmates tend to become that lifeline because they are the only ones who really understand how hard it is. The "friendships" are sometimes more a product of survival than "true friendships". I just thank God for providing me with the support I needed to get through school and pray for the best for everyone now that we are out and move on with my life (now that I have time for one again). Good luck in your new job. Hopefully you will make new and long lasting friendships there.

Thanks for the feedback! I like your perspective. The support we provided each other was essential :bowingpur

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