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Changing Careers

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Hi...I am new to this board and have a question for ya'll...I have been an oncology nurse for 9 years and took the last year and a half off. I have been seriously considering school nursing for various reasons. I am looking for suggestions on how to market myself. In other words, what would make me look good to the school system? Thanks in advance for your suggestions....

Hi...someone wrote me regarding my question and it got deleted before I could read it...whoever it was could you write me again? Thanks


Has 36 years experience.

Get to know your kids' school nurse and volunteer for her--offer to hurd kids at vision check time or such or help her with paper work tasks. I saw this work for one nurse I know. Some nurses get in because they are well known to school administrators, that is they are also active parents. In one community I know, a nurse got her school nurse certification and that made her the ideal applicant for a retiring nurse position. Part of school nurse cert at the college she went to was clinicals and she did her clinicals with the soon-to-retire nurse. (She became the heir apparent). In a community that I lived, many school nurses first worked in the public health department. They had had good luck with finding these nurses to be well prepared for the role, so that connection developed incidentally over time. I was poised to take advantage of that connection, but we moved :-( Anyhow, I found my niche in my new community and I work as a drug abuse preventionist in a school. I doubt that I had the connections to get a school nurse job in this district, but my MSN has stood me in good stead to get this job which I love.

Good luck.

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