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I want to become a Nurse. I have a BS in Computer Information Systems. I have looked at ADN and BSN

programs and do not know what is the best route. I

was told that ADN's and BSN's salaries are the

same. Please HELP!!!!

That is so awesome!! Your computer knowledge combined with a nursing degree would be very marketable. Go for it! Since you already have a bachelors degree, I would go for the ADN. However, you may want to consider a Masters Degree in nursing? There are programs out there that will accept you with your BS in computer science. Look into it!

I see you getting onto nursing education or designing nursing computer programs?

Thanks for your reply. I have checked all possible

programs and found 3 'Second Career/Second Degree' BSN programs. These programs are 16-20 months long, accelerated and requires full-time enrollment.

The ADN programs are 16 months long but could be

obtained through part-time studies.

Yes, ADN and BSN pays are real close. Look at the time difference between the two. You may still be able to get a BSN with only 1-2 semesters extra work. I would think it depends on what you want to do afterwards. Patient care - ADN. Administrative or educational - BSN. Good Luck. Either way, we'd be happy to have you in the business!

WOW! That sounds like the program for you!

Good Luck!

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